• baixa4
    November 5, 2018
    Last year, we spent a few months in São Paulo collaborating with local artists and people on the street of Treze de Maio – many of which have become friends. We were welcomed into diverse communities and together dedicated the issue to exploring the multitude of voices and layers the fascinating neighbourhood of Bixiga has to offer. We were and still are thankful for that experience and the openness that made this issue possible – this diversity is what is at the core of our mutual work.
    It is with great shock and sadness to see that the result of the election last weekend is threatening exactly these values. The threat to Brazilian democracy is part of a worldwide right-wing shift and fascistic tendencies that are openly targeting minorities, LGBT communities, indigenous communities, women, artists, poets, researchers, intellectuals, people who believe in fundamental human rights, the protection of our environment and the multitude of voices. The result of the election poses a threat to many of our fellow contributors and friends and shouldn’t go unnoticed.

    So, it is today that we think of our contributors of the Sarau, dedicating their time and spaces with an incredible energy to highlight marginalized voices from the peripheries against all odds. We think of the LGBT communities, that once came to Bixiga looking for safe places during the dictatorship and are now threatened more than ever. We think of the small cafe of political resistance on Treze de Maio, we think of Maria and her proteges in the cortisos of Treze de Maio, we think of the Afro-Brazilian community, of Pai Francisco, Vai Vai, of those who unravel the untold stories of the quilombos, we think of the marginalized women, the wanderers who claim their city, their spaces – we think of everyone that opened their doors, minds, and shared their stories with us.

    In times when racists, homophobes, misogynists and military extremists in alignment with international cooperations act across nations and pose a threat to our communities and our environment, let’s not forget that we too have connections and networks that stretch out and connect us beyond borders. Let’s work together, now more than ever.

    Stay safe,

    With deep respect and love,

    The Flaneur-team

    Image: Karlla Girotto